Humans of Dimension


We are a team of passionate individuals driven by what works in marketing, interior design and renovation. We offer a range of marketing methodologies and bring quality designs that is dedicated to the growth and success of our clients. While ‘clients’ might be the correct term, we actually see ourselves as an extension of your team. This approach means that we are always working together, towards the common goal – as your goals move and evolve, your team at Dimension moves with you.

We ensure in delivering exceptional work. Each of us help steward that process and ensure that your objectives are achieved with the highest standards.

Here at Dimension, not only having a creative mindset is important to achieve projects successfully for our audiences but also to create a working environment enjoyable for everyone part of the team. We believe that everyone is creative, in their own way. Having said that, all ideas don’t just come from one point of view, it's all about perspective!


Wa'iz Maidin

Wa’iz’s interest in design sparked at the tender age of 19. Armed with his self-taught knowledge of SketchUp and Photoshop, he is slowly making Brunei more beautiful than it already is. His work includes some of the attractive places we may have already step foot in.


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